Drew Turner // 17.02.16
d.turn@shaw.ca // Love Ben

Long live the music of the great Ben Webster ! His wonderful playing and gorgeous tone has given my friends , family and I thousands of hours of listening pleasure over the last 30 years. Amazing player !
Richard Cutler // 29.06.15
rwclaw@msn.com //

It is wonderful that you keep alive the memory of such a great musician. I've listened to jazz for nearly sixty years, and no one can consistently move me like Ben. Thank you, Denmark, for giving a home and a place to play to this magnificent tenor player.
Sabina // 21.09.11
joyfulmood@aol.com //

Thank you for offering this lovely musician's body of work-I wondered if you had a link that can be copy/paste so I may add it to my page. Again, thank you for this wonderful glimpse into Ben Webster's Life of Music-it is so beautiful-You are Blessed for being so good to Ben and respected his personhood, musical talent...Sincerely Sabina~ :))

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Ben Webster Foundation: Jesper Løvdal, Chairman - jazz@jesperloevdal.dk


Royalties, recordings, applications for support, donations etc:  Jesper Løvdal, Chairman - jazz@jesperloevdal.dk

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The Ben Webster Foundation supports primarily live music in Denmark with musicians from Denmark and other countries.  
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