Heine Hansen received the Ben Webster Prize 2016

Heine Hansen (piano), Gerard Prescenser (flygelhorn), Thomas Fonnesbæk (bas) Alex Riel (trommer)

Guitarist Uffe Steen receives the Ben Webster Prize 2015. Henrik Wolsgaard-Iversen, Frank Büchmann Møller, Uffe Steen

Prizewinner 2013 Jacob Christoffersen

Jacob Christoffersen smiled as a grand piano when he was awarded the 2013 Ben Webster Prize for his pianistc skills and new dedication to jazz . A full house in the 'Gunpowder Hall' i Copenhagen and behind him the best musicians agreed and applauded him all night long. Jacob is 45 and the  party concert was held on Websters 104  years birthday  Photo: Søren Damving
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Chairman Henrik Wolsgaard-Iversen happily annonuces the prizewinner 2012 pianist Jan Kaspersen
Klaus Albrectsen receives the Honorary Prize 2012 for his always soulful drawings of jazz musicians
Doug Raney played like an angel at the party in Jazzhus Montmartre

The Ben Webster Prize Party 2016 was treated to some fine tenor-sax playing by Italian Emanuele Cisi

Jazzbooker and jazz enthusiast con amore Tove Enevoldsen receives the Ben Webster Prize of Honor 2014
Ben Webster Foundation Chairman Henrik Wolsgaard-Iversen writes:
During the unveiling of the 2014 Copenhagen Jazz Festival Program we succeeded in surprising Tove Enevolsen with an honorary prize of 10,000 kroner from the Ben Webster Foundation. The large audience laughed and clapped when Tove was caught with her fashionable pants down – metaphorically speaking. She was thanked for the tireless work she has done for Jazz … both the young and the mature, at Paradise and at Unicorn … her enthusiasm, her hats, her stories and her diligence … her love for Bent Jædig and its nourishing influence on Jædig’s music and career. Tove will use Webster’s money on a trip to Nice to hear a concert with Stevie Wonder and Gregory Porter. On the evening of the 2014 CJF program release a hip concert took place at Jazz Cup with Stephen Riley, Kaspar Vadsholt and Erik Andersen – another Unicorn arrangement.
Sinne Eeg receives the Ben Webster Prize 2014

Every year since 1977, the Ben Webster Foundation has awarded a prize to jazz musicians or important individuals on the Danish jazz scene. In 2014 – for the first time – the prize went to a vocalist: Sinne Eeg. The award was presented at a magnificent concert with the Danish Radio Big Band at Copenhagen JazzHouse on March 28th - the evening after Ben Webster’s 105th birthday. (The prize money comes from the still substantial? royalties on sales of the great saxophonist’s recordings.) The prize was awarded to Sinne Eeg for having developed into “a real jazz vocalist who displays sensitivity, improvisational talent, maturity, and a great voice and timing in her singing”. In addition, she composes brilliant songs and has won a large audience – in collaboration with the Radio Big Band and 2013’s prize winner, pianist Jacob Christoffersen, among others.
Ole Matthiessen, member of the Ben Webster Foundation, wrote a composition for Sinne Eeg, which she performed with the Radio Big Band. Here is the sheet music:

March 28, 2012. A Good Time in the Montmartre
At the The Ben Webster prize-party on the march 28, the night after Websters 103 years birthday, Mr. Jan Kaspersen received the prize for 25.000 in a thankful mood and returned the honour by playing ‘All Too Soon’ – a Webster-classic – solo before his sextet entered the stage and gave other numbers related to Webster/Ellington. After that he played compositions from his brand new CD ‘Black Rabbit Suite’ which represent a new road for Kaspersens musical directions. The band consisted of Christina von Bülow, as, Jakob Dinesen, ts, Lis Wessberg, trb, and his old compatriots Peter Danstrup, b, and Ole Rømer, dr.
Kaspersens second set really caught fire and the audience responded by getting up for a dance in the final number  ‘Purple Gazelle’ by Ellington.
Henrik Iversen motivated the Foundations choice this year by respecting the many years Kaspersen uncompromised has developed his music, heavenly inspired by Monk, Ellington and Mingus. He has brought the good dissonance out to the farthest places, and created a unique sound of jazz in this hemisphere.

All photos on this page Søren Damving

Jan Kaspersen Sextet
Left to right: Christina von Bülow, Peter Danstrup, Thomas Dinesen, Lis Wessberg

The Honorary Prize 2012 went to Klaus Albrectsen
The honorary prize this year went to the artist, cartoonist and jazz writer Klaus Albrectsen for his great and inspired drawings and portraits of over a 100 international Jazz musicians, who played in the Montmartre and other concert venues in Europe and New York. The chairman Henrik Iversen commented, that Albrectsens satire could be sharp, but that it seemed that he always where able to find the expression of the musicians inner soul on his drawing paper. Albrectsen will use the prize to have all his jazz-work digitalized and saved for the future at the Danish Arbejder Museeum.
Doug Raney played with Bernt Rosengren, Jesper Lundgaard and Morten Lund
The Ben Webster prize-party blessed by the resurgence of guitarist Doug Raney who after a decade of not performing in public returned to the stage backed by his mentor, bassist Jesper Lundgaard and his musical colleague for many years, Swedish tenor saxophonist Bernt Rosengreen. 

Together with the amazing drummer Morten Lund they created the best bebop and ballads heard around. Raney is probably one of the finest instrumentalist to day and his short set was a highlight in the evening. His discreet smile seemed to confirm his new confidence.
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