Ben Webster, March 27, 1909 - September 20, 1973

The Ben Webster Foundation was founded in Copenhagen in 1976 in honour of the great saxophonist. Benjamin Francis Webster was born 27 March 1909 in Kansas City, Missouri, USA and died on a tour in Holland 20 September 1973. Ben Webster lived in Copenhagen, Denmark for the last 4 years of his life and was buried here. His grave can be seen at the Assistens Kirkegaarden just outside the old City of Copenhagen.


To this day Ben Webster has proved to ba a true giant at the summit of the jazz star firmament. His saxophone sound combined with his unique melodic mastery is still one of the most individual and artistic expressions in jazz. His recordings are sought after, not only by mature aficionados but also by a younger audience seeking the feeling and the special warm expression that Ben webster made available through his music. It is not far-fetched to say that Ben Webster has become both cult and myth - whether he would have liked it or not.


Henrik Wolsgaard-Iversen, the Ben Webster Foundation

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